Published: Wed, October 10, 2018
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DC Comics hires James Gunn after Disney fires him

DC Comics hires James Gunn after Disney fires him

But news just came out that James Gunn is in talks to write and possibly direct DC/Warner Bros.'s "Suicide Squad 2."

Suicide Squad, which starred Margot Robbie was a commercial success, despite being a critical failure. He was on board to make the third when he was sacked in July after a bad faith campaign against him resurfaced a series of old tweets in which he had joked about pedophilia, rape, and other ugly topics.

Michael Rosenbaum, whom James Gunn cast as Martinex in Guardians of the Galaxy 2, responded to Dave Bautista's tweet, which saw the Drax-actor state, "Where do I sign up?"

The studio had earlier roped in The Accountant helmer Gavin O'Connor to direct the film but he is no longer attached to the project.

The new Suicide Squad movie is going to be produced by Peter Safran who is famously known for producing films from the highly-successful Conjuringfilm franchise, including the 2018 film The Nun.

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Entertainment has exclusively confirmed to io9 that its DC Entertainment arm has picked up quite the contributor: writer and director James Gunn. Despite support from his cast members and fans, Disney chose not to rehire him, although his script for the third Guardians film will still reportedly be used. He could also be directing the film, according to multiple sources.

Warner Bros. and representatives for Gunn did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The move comes after rival studio Marvel (owned by Disney) dumped Gunn in July over a series of dated shock-humor tweets.

Ayer was originally set to direct Gotham City Sirens, which seems to have gone by the wayside, and to chip in on Suicide Squad 2, which was greenlit nearly immediately after the first movie overperformed box office expectations despite poor reviews. The film was written and directed by David Ayer in a story of imprisoned supervillains executing black ops missions to save the world in exchange for reduced sentences.

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