Published: Sun, October 14, 2018
Sport | By Gary Shelton

Man City deny offering Lionel Messi triple his salary to join

Man City deny offering Lionel Messi triple his salary to join

Big-spending City were linked with moves for the likes of Kaka and Messi for many years, before assembling a record-breaking Premier League outfit under Pep Guardiola.

"He does ask for it on the pitch, but before speaking to team-mates he'll go and play the Playstation", Maradona told Mexican programme "La Ultima Palabra".

Maradona went on to say fans should not worship anymore, "Messi at Barcelona is one thing and with Argentina he is another one", and how if he managed the national team he would have a good idea on how to utilize him.

In a questionable state during an interview with Fox Sports Mexico's "La Ultima Palabra", Diego Armando Maradona heavily criticized Lionel Messi as well as giving other weird comments, which at times seemed worrying.

The World Cup victor was speaking about the Argentina national team and discussed the No.10, suggesting that Messi's pre-match behaviour should rule him out of a leadership role. Then, on the field, he wants to be the leader.

"There's no two ways about it. Let's stop making a God out of Messi".

"He is the best in the world along with Cristiano (Ronaldo)", Maradona said.

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City's interest in Messi dates back before Guardiola's time, but the Spaniard tried to use his influence to lure the Argentina superstar to England in 2016.

Maradona, who is in Mexico coaching second-division Sinaloa, said that if he was Argentina coach he would "not call on Messi" before adding "never say never".

"If there are comrades who really love Messi, they should have come out and defended him".

A sterner test will take place on Tuesday when they face Brazil in Saudi Arabia - without Messi.

"If I have to decide for my team I will choose Messi over Ronaldo, three-time FIFA World Cup champion Pele said".

"I'd make him play as I want".

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