Published: Wed, October 17, 2018
Hi-Tech | By Grace Becker

IPhone XS Max Forces Samsung to Upgrade Galaxy S10’s Screen

IPhone XS Max Forces Samsung to Upgrade Galaxy S10’s Screen

The difference is not that significant since iPhone XS measures in at 6.46-inches and Galaxy Note 9 at 6.44-inches, but this is more than enough to get Samsung riled up.

Industry insiders claim that the Samsung Galaxy Note10 will come with a 6.66” display next year. This is a chunk larger than the 6.4-inch panel on the Galaxy Note 9, and larger than the iPhone XS Max with its 6.5-inch display. The Note 10 development started only last month.

The aspect ratio will also boost to 19:9 or 19.5:9, and the rumors also indicate that the future Samsung Galaxy Note 10 smartphone would also come with thinner bezels, which might not make the Note 10 bigger than its predecessor, but only with a larger display.

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It would also mean the Note series would once again have a larger display than the biggest iPhone.

According to Samsung, the Galaxy Note 9 needed 54 days to hit the aforementioned milestone. As the device's bezels will likely continue to decrease in size, it may not result in the phone's dimensions being that different. That's a whole 0.26-inches bigger than the Note 9. However, it says that since the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 disaster, the company has extended the amount of time it spends developing phones from six months to one year (a decision that could explain this). Neither Samsung nor Apple will probably go overboard in that regard. The Galaxy Note 10 will support fast charging, and fast wireless charging, while the phone will either ship with Android 9 Pie, or the upcoming version of Android that will be introduced next year, but Android 9 Pie route is more possible, that's for sure. The current generation Note device comes with a display measuring in at 6.4 inches.

Samsung Electronics announced the launch of its new Galaxy A9, on Saturday featuring the world's first rear quad camera. One thing is for sure, though, the Galaxy S10, S10 Plus, and Note 10 will be quite similar in terms of the design, as Samsung has been using the same design language for its flagship lineup of devices for years now.

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