Published: Thu, October 18, 2018
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10 things that are still illegal after cannabis legalization

10 things that are still illegal after cannabis legalization

They also have openable slots, so customers can smell the weed, and a magnifying glass for closer inspection.

A driver honked jubilantly at people lined up outside of downtown Montreal's new government-run cannabis store. "We just made history", said the 46-year-old Power, who bought a gram. "I'm just so impressed with our project team".

"What happened at the very beginning of what they did is exactly what we're doing in Canada", he said.

People entering the store are asked to provide two pieces of ID, and there are notices reminding patrons to smoke responsibly.

Across the square, a group of pro-pot advocates also shared an anti-Big-Cannabis message from a makeshift booth selling marijuana and displaying plants.

Newfoundland, being the furthest province to the east, was the first to make the historic sale.

Signs on the walls explain things like terpenes, which cause the different aromas given off by cannabis, and the difference between indicas and sativas. "The store has employed a number of employees with good paying jobs, obviously it's only one store of potentially maybe three in town".

"The same can happen in Canada, because one of the things we have going for us and that no other country in the world has, is the name of our country - it is nearly spelled very similar to cannabis", Pliniussen told AFP.

Canada's federal approval has given its industry a huge advantage over its American counterpart, including unfettered access to banking and billions of dollars in investment. "I can't believe we did it".

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I can predict what is going on there, I think it is intentional, it's dirty politics they (protesters) are playing. Congress leader and Pathanamthitta legislator Anto Antony condemnded the attacks against mediapersons.

Cannabis NL, a division of the NLC, set the time frame that stores are allowed to sell the product from 9:00 2:00 a.m., meaning the night's celebrations may be short lived.

She came prepared with a blanket, lawn chair and coffee.

Its implementation would be scrutinized and dissected by Canadians ahead of an election next year, as well as other nations that the prime minister has said could follow suit if the measure proves a success. But even crossing into Vermont, where adults are allowed to have it, you still can't bring it with you because you're crossing federal lines and the federal government still considers marijuana illegal. "I never thought in my lifetime that I'd see this".

Although cannabis becomes legal on Wednesday, only one legal dispensary will be opening its doors in British Columbia.

The government's BC Cannabis Stores website went online at midnight, and Public Safety Minister Mike Farnworth said there were 1,000 sales in the first hour of operation.

The consolidation will continue after legalisation, says PwC, as an "expected oversupply takes its toll and forces undercapitalized players into bankruptcy" and firms "look to fuel further growth by tapping emerging foreign medical markets". "Sales started right away, so obviously there's interest".

While some products were still available Wednesday morning, most of the marijuana flower products were sold out.

He warned the public not to expect the marijuana black market to disappear overnight, pointing to other jurisdictions where it has been a much more gradual process.

Those caught reentering states along the Canada-U.S. border where marijuana is illegal will most likely be referred to local authorities who will decide whether to prosecute, he says. "It's going to be a volatile sector until we get some real data, and we can actually analyze these companies".

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