Published: Sat, October 20, 2018
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School in Russian-annexed Crimea hit by deadly blast

School in Russian-annexed Crimea hit by deadly blast

"All services are working at the site of the incident", Crimean Head Sergei Aksenov said on Twitter.

The attack in the city of Kerch was by far the worst school shooting by a student in Russian Federation. - A teenage gunman shot dead at least 17 people and injured dozens before killing himself at a technical college where he was a student in Russian-annexed Crimea on October 17. "In the near future, various forms of pressure, including detention, will be increased against Crimean Tatars", he said. Fifty-three people were wounded, including 12 in serious condition.

"It's a tragedy that I could never have imagined, even with this change of atmosphere", said Fyodor Mostepanov, a 68-year-old retired manual worker who has lived his whole life in Kerch and calls the attack a "personal tragedy".

Aksyonov described Roslyakov, a fourth-year student, as a shy boy who had no known friends and a good record in school.

The blast was initially thought to have been caused by a gas canister but Russia's anti-terror agency, the National Anti-Terrorism Committee (NAC), said an "unknown explosive device" was used.

Witnesses, however, reported that victims were being killed by gunfire.

The Russia-backed government in Crimea published a list of the victims, most of whom were teenagers.

But Roslyakov confirmed earlier reports that the teenager had acquired a gun license legally. and promised a transparent investigation with "no secrets".

On Wednesday, members of the Russian parliament stood for a minute of silence during their session, and Russian President Vladimir Putin gave his condolences to the relatives of the victims of the "tragic event". A second explosive device was found among the suspect's personal possessions.

It was not clear what the explosive was, if the attacker detonated it, or how many people it wounded.

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Russian Federation has fairly strict gun legislation.

"Civilians can own only hunting rifles and smooth-bore shotguns and must undergo significant background checks", AP points out. Aksyonov said that the shooter, identified as Vyacheslav Roslyakov, was alone in the school but added that authorities believe that there may have been someone who was helping him plot the attack.

In Crimea, officials said they would review security measures at schools.

"He wasn't aggressive, he was rather timid", Aksyonov said, speculating that Roslyakov might have "watched some movies" that inspired him to go on the shooting spree.

"Then a strong explosion went off, but thank God, I was already outside and saw our guys being thrown out of the windows by the explosive wave", he said, adding that part of the building collapsed.

Witnesses told AFP on Wednesday they heard shooting and a "loud explosion" as well as people wounded by "shrapnel and bullets".

An unnamed student told the Komsomolskaya Pravda tabloid she saw Chegerest die.

According to a source cited by the RIA Novosti state news agency, Roslyakov had legally acquired a gun licence and passed the necessary psychological tests to do so.

Residents of the Black Sea city of Kerch brought flowers and toys to a makeshift memorial outside the school on Thursday morning. More than 40 others were injured in the attack. The blast happened at around noon at the school, which is located on a peninsula between the Sea of Above and the Black Sea.

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