Published: Sat, October 20, 2018
Worldwide | By Gretchen Simon

Trump threatens to send military against immigrant 'onslaught'

Trump threatens to send military against immigrant 'onslaught'

Hundreds of Honduran migrants broke through a Guatemalan border barrier and forced their way onto Mexican territory Friday, as riot police tried to keep them from advancing past a border bridge and continuing their trek toward the US.

However, although President-elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has said he is confident that agreement with the USA can be reached, the Mexican government has denied that a deal has been done.

Mr. Pompeo said he and Mr. Videgaray spoke of the importance of stopping the caravan before it reaches the USA border. "It's very important to have a relationship of friendship".

Upon reaching Mexico, the migrants must show a valid visa to enter the country, or face deportation, therefore Trump has focused much of his pressure on the Mexican government.

"Later on, UNHCR could help the Mexican government to find places to settle (migrants) inside or outside Mexico for those granted refugee status, but that hasn't been defined with UNHCR yet", Videgaray told Reuters.

Earlier Friday, a New York Times reporter challenged Trump's assertion that migrants in the caravan were criminals. Before dawn Friday, the migrants made a decision to wait a few more hours for stragglers to arrive.

But foreign minister Videgaray said that was "false" and that no such deal had been made. By Thursday, the caravan had dispersed a bit, with the youngest and strongest of the migrants walking ahead together, some boarding buses or trying to hitch rides. The nearest border is about 110 miles (177 km) away. "Now we're being pushed back", Weir said.

Jose Porfirio Orellana, a 47-year-old acorn and bean farmer from Yoro province in Honduras, said he hopes to reach the United States due to woeful economic conditions in his country.

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The agency said camera operators monitoring movement on Thursday afternoon along the US-Mexico border in the Yuma area captured images of a large number of people being dropped over the border wall east of the San Luis Port of Entry.

President Donald Trump on Thursday morning accused Democrats of orchestrating an illegal immigrant "assault on our country".

And he threatened to send troops to "shut down" the southern US border if Mexico failed to stop what he called an "onslaught".

The Honduran migrant caravan heading to the U.S., as it is stopped at the Guatemala-Mexico global bridge in Ciudad Hidalgo, Mexico.

Typically, when a person manages to sneak into the United States through Mexico - regardless of whether they were from Mexico or some point farther south - they're detained and housed in the United States until their case is decided.

"We have to secure that border once and for all", McCaul told Fox News.

Guatemala also had troops at the border.

The countdown is on for the arrival of what has come to be known as the "Honduran caravan" - an estimated 4,000 men, women, children and infants who left the troubled Honduran city of Pedro Sula last weekend on foot and by truck.

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