Published: Mon, October 22, 2018
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Ryanair slammed for not removing passenger who used racist language toward seatmate

Ryanair slammed for not removing passenger who used racist language toward seatmate

An airline passenger who filmed a racist incident aboard a Ryanair flight and posted it online said he chose to publicise it to show the world what had happened.

The footage, shared by United Kingdom resident David Lawrence, was taken before takeoff on a flight from Barcelona to London on Thursday, and shows the male passenger speaking aggressively to a 77-year-old woman seated in his row.

In the video, widely circulated on social media and recorded by passenger David Lawrence, the elderly man appears to be refusing to sit next to her and threatens to "push" her to another seat if she isn't moved.

He also threatened the woman with violence: "I'll tell you this", the man told her.

The woman who was the focus on the man's abuse is a 77-year-old retiree who was returning to Britain after marking the anniversary of her husband's death, according to the Huffington Post UK.

A number of passengers on the flight called for the man to be removed from the plane.


A man sitting in the row behind then tries to intervene, asking the man to calm down and tells him there's "no need" for his aggressive behaviour.

The daughter said she had taken her mother, a Windrush generation migrant who came to the United Kingdom from Jamaica in the 1960s, on holiday to mark one year since the death of her father.

It was reported that the incident started because the mother has arthritis, and the man became impatient as she waited for her to move out of the way so he could reach his window seat.

They reported to BBC News that "it will not tolerate unruly behavior like this" and has referred the incident to Essex Police.

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A Ryanair passenger who launched a racist tirade may "get away with it" due to the airline wanting to get the plane off the ground, a shadow transport minister said.

David Lawrence, 55, filmed the footage and can be heard calling for the passenger to be thrown off the flight.

"I don't know how to go forward or where to take this", she told HuffPost U.K.

I am so depressed.

"Clearly committed criminal offences".

"Essex Police takes prejudice-based crime seriously and we want all incidents to be reported", police said in a statement. "He suggested that we make a formal complaint to Ryanair".

At one point a man in the row behind them leaned over the seat and repeatedly told the abuser to stop.

"We will be taking this matter further and disruptive or abusive behaviour like this will result in passengers being banned from travel".

Police in the United Kingdom are investigating an incident of racism that happened on a Ryanair flight.

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