Published: Sun, November 11, 2018
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On 'SNL,' Pete Davidson says sorry to wounded vet he mocked

On 'SNL,' Pete Davidson says sorry to wounded vet he mocked

"That I'm a d-".

Davidson then apologized to Crenshaw, who accepted his apology.

Crenshaw, who lost his right eye in 2012 while serving as a Navy SEAL in Afghanistan, showed up in the middle of Davidson's apology during the "SNL" segment, "Weekend Update". Davidson said since he made fun of a picture of Crenshaw the previous week, it was only fair for him to return the favor.

Following the incident last week, Crenshaw wrote on Twitter: "Good rule in life: I try hard not to offend; I try harder not to be offended".

Davidson seemed especially touched by that tribute to his late father, an FDNY first-responder who perished while trying to rescue civilians in the Marriott World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.

"It's cool, Ariana Grande song", Davidson laughed as Crenshaw asked, "Oh, do you know her?"

"And I'm sorry", Davidson said.

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In a rare conciliatory moment from the usually-irreverent Saturday Night Live, Pete Davidson apologized to Lt. Com. Dan Crenshaw, now a congressman-elect from Texas, "deserves all the respect in the world".

"You're not wrong", Davidson replied. "He looks like if the meth from "Breaking Bad" was a person", Crenshaw said.

Crenshaw was on a roll, so he gave two more "first impressions".

What's more he then turned the tables on Davidson to mock his appearance, and the failure of his relationship with Ariane Grande.

"Pete looks like Martin Short in The Santa Clause 3", Crenshaw said in a third go-round. "Let's just... demand that comedy actually be amusing, but let's be good people".

"No, you're right", Davidson said.

As for the serious part of Crenshaw's appearance, nothing good has ever happened after someone looks into the camera and says, "Ok, but seriously: there's a lot of lessons to learn here", and this was not an exception. "We can remember what brings us together as a country and still see the good in each other", he said. The congressman-elect finished the segment with a honest request that Americans respect each other on Veterans Day and shook hands with Davidson as both said "never forget" to one another. "Maybe say, 'thanks for your service, ' but I would actually encourage you to say something else". Not separated by some invisible barrier between civilians and veterans, but connected together as grateful fellow Americans, who will never forget the sacrifices made by veterans past and present.

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