Published: Tue, November 13, 2018
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Several Pilots Report UFOs Off Irish Coast, Authorities Investigating

Several Pilots Report UFOs Off Irish Coast, Authorities Investigating

The Irish Aviation Authority is investigating after the pilot of a flight from Montreal to Heathrow spotted a unusual phenomenon while over the coast of Ireland.

The British pilot asked the air traffic control whether any military exercises are going on off the Irish coast as she spotted something moving so fast. Air traffic control responds that no such exercises are visible on radar. She also added that the unidentified flying object had bright lights in its body.

Chatter between airline pilots and Irish air traffic control focused briefly on the sightings, with at least four aviators confirming that they'd seen the phenomenon.

He said that one of the pilots had actually suggested it was a fireball.

The Irish Examiner has since confirmed that the Irish Aviation Authority is now investigating the sightings.

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The pilot of the Boeing 787, which was flying from Montreal to Heathrow, went on to describe how he spotted a odd flying object that "was moving so fast".

He reported "multiple objects following the same sort of trajectory - very bright from where we were".

She said it was "a bright light and then it disappeared at a very high-speed", adding they were "wondering" what it could be - adding that that it did not seem to be on a collision course. "Very bright from where we were".

The second pilot replied: "Glad it wasn't just me", to which Virgin 76 said: "No, eh, very interesting that one". Listen to the audio clip above (below the picture) for the exchange, which starts just before the 18 minute mark. The fact that Speedbird 94 provided a "close-up" account of the incident while Virgin 76 conveyed a "wide-angle" account that made this encounter even more compelling.

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