Published: Sat, November 17, 2018
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Macron says agreed with Trump to pressure oil producers

Macron says agreed with Trump to pressure oil producers

Trump appeared to be referring to Macron's comment Sunday during a speech for the World War I centennial in which he decried the rise of nationalism around the globe, calling it a "betrayal of patriotism".

Trump was only playing to a domestic audience, he added. But May was subsequently treated to a verbal lashing, the report said.

With Trump and other leaders looking on, Macron took on the rising tide of populism in the United States and Europe and urged leaders not to turn their backs by turning inward. The British Prime Minister called him on the Board №1 with congratulations, but the President sharply said to her.

In five posts sent on Tuesday after a visit to Paris to mark the 100th anniversary of the end of World War One, Trump reminded France of its near-defeat by Germany in two wars, took a swipe at its wine industry, and mentioned Macron's falling approval ratings.

"Macron suggests building its own army to protect Europe against the U.S., China and Russia", Trump tweeted.

US President Donald Trump, who attacked his French counterpart in a series of tweets, should have shown "common decency" instead since the country was mourning the anniversary of deadly attacks in Paris, a French government spokesman says. Although the speech given by Macron was indirect and even pleaded to fellow leaders to continue to fight for order and peace.

May's aides described the call as an "appeal to Trump's vanity".

Xi Jinping: US-China trade war will produce no winners
Protectionism and unilateralism were overshadowing global growth, and a policy of erecting economic barriers was doomed to fail, Xi said.

Nursing grievances from a weekend visit to France, President Donald Trump lit into French President Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday over his suggestion for a European defence force, over French tariffs on US wine and even Macron's approval ratings.

Trump's back and forth with European leaders isn't the only time in recent memory that the president has clashed with the US's closest allies during an global trip.

But Trump was terse during some of his private conversations with world leaders, according to people with direct knowledge of his visit.

At a time when the European Union itself is struggling to maintain it core liberal values, when the United Kingdom is about to quit the EU and the power of his main ally, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, is in free fall, he still has the steely belief and arrogant confidence that he can fend off the dark forces of nationalism that are hell-bent on destroying the values of the world order that attempted to bury those dark forces for good after the Second World War. You have globalists. I also love the world and I don't mind helping the world, but we have to straighten out our country first.

A meeting during which Trump complained about immigration and told Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe that if the U.S. were to "send him 25 million Mexicans", the prime minister would be "be out of office very soon".

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau went umbrella-less in the downpour, saying it was the least he could do considering the sacrifices made by soldiers a century earlier. He also laid into his defence policy.

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